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No Deposit Home Loans

100% Home Loans

Obtaining a bank loan is a far more strenuous process in today's banking system than it used to be. Oftentimes you will require large amounts of collateral alongside a hefty chunk of cash as a down payment even before you get started. When this is combined with paying rent while you transition into home ownership it starts to add up and become unaffordable to most first home buyers.

Low to No Deposit Home Loans

First Step Homes presents a catalogue of financing solutions that will help you achieve home ownership even if you don't have the deposit to satisfy banking requirements. Our financial partners are deposit funders, and offer home deposit loans which will qualify you for a home loan from banking bodies. We offer our solutions to high income earners with good credit ratings.

We're with You until You Move in

Following facilitating funding First Step Homes will organise the bank loan approval procedure and building project management offering our clients a streamlined and stress free step by step process towards home ownership.

We offer a multitude of tailored financing solutions to suit your unique requirements. With our buy and hold strategies, rent to own homes and other varied personalised approaches to securing home ownership, we are sure we can find a solution that will work for you and your finances.

Why wait? Stop slaving away only to pay off your landlords' mortgage. Learn more about the benefits of home ownership over renting. Make an appointment or enquire online to achieve your dream of home ownership today.