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First Home Buyers

First home buyer and confused by all the home loan jargon

First Step Homes will help you cut through the mortgage jargon and find a no to low deposit home loan that best suits your needs. We make the process easy and affordable, enabling you to borrow up to 95% of the property value. Find out if you qualify for our unique financing solutions.

First Home Buyers Grant

Australian citizens and permanent residents may be eligible for the First Home Owner Grant if they're buying their first home. If you are eligible for this grant, it can be put towards your deposit keeping the amount of money you are borrowing at a minimum.

Though income and age do not restrict eligibility, there is still a criteria that you are required to meet to become eligible for the grant. Our team of brokers can lend a hand in helping you obtain your first home buyers grant.

Caps on Maximum Purchase Price

There are caps on the maximum purchase price of the property in most states and territories of Australia. The amount you will receive from the grant will vary from state to state. Speak to one of our sales representatives about the specifics of your case.

House and Land Packages

You may also be eligible for a grant if you choose to build your first home or buy off a plan. The scope of the grant varies according to state so it's worth checking with your state's revenue department to ensure you have all the facts before applying for the grant.

Primary Place of Residence

The property that you are applying for the grant for must be your primary place of residence, meaning that you will need to live at the property within 12 months of settlement for at least 6 months to be eligible for the first home owners grant.

Property Financing Solutions

First Step Homes offers a range of solutions such as rent to buy homes, house and land packages, and home deposit loans that we can tailor to suit your individual requirements. Book an appointment to speak to our experienced team about your specific property financing needs.